Challenges and Solutions for Designers Creating eVTOL Platforms

Taylor Fitzpatrick, Product Manager of Power Connectors at TE Connectivity, spoke on the challenges designers face when creating eVTOL platforms and the solutions they can use to help solve them.

Without the proper battery management strategy, eVTOL aircraft cannot glide or auto-rotate. Fitzpatrick said that, along with needing sufficient battery storage for an eVTOL flight, these aircraft require a significant amount of battery power to take off.

“We also need fast charging capability,” Fitzpatrick said. “eVTOLs that would be making numerous flights a day will require recharging between flights. This is why power management is the biggest challenge. Designers are responsible for helping with the reliability and performance of the onboard battery and power system, as well as the ground charging system.”

With all of these challenges requiring solutions to make eVTOL a reality, TE Connectivity is ready to do its part to assist designers in overcoming barriers.

“TE has decades of experience in automotive and aerospace connector applications,” Fitzpatrick said.

“It’s a great opportunity for a company like us that’s familiar with the standards involved with this market. At TE, we’re using our expertise to build a range of power distribution systems that can meet the needs of these new vehicle platforms.”

Part of TE’s solutions find ways to minimize the size and weight of their power management systems by using new materials and processes without compromising the reliability and performance of the connectors.

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