Watch: Benefits of an IntelliFinishing Complete Automated Finishing System

IntelliFinishing offers you the most flexible paint finishing system in the industry.

This system uses a unique conveyance, available in three sizes for parts from just a few pounds to items weighing ten tons or more. It also features modular pre-fabricated components which are quicker to set up and easier to reconfigure as needs change. In fact, taken together, an IntelliFinishing system is often a better fit for your available space. Possibly resulting in up to a 30% smaller footprint. But most importantly, it features an easy recipe control system to customize your finish process for each part, giving you ultimate finish flexibility.

What if you eliminated greasy dirt-collecting, energy absorbing chains? An IntelliFinishing system is quieter, more efficient, nearly maintenance free, cleaner than traditional automated finishing systems and provides nearly 99% uptime compared to the only 80% or less for most chain-based systems.
Your IntelliFinishing system will allow parts to stop, move forward and backward, move laterally via shuttles, as well as easily switch tracks. This allows a wide variety of parts to be flawlessly finished on the same system.

IntelliFinishing systems allow for product carriers to move at up to 40 feet per minute between processes, thus speeding up the entire process cycle time. Even within processes, parts will be custom programmed per recipe to slow down or stop to achieve optimal results.

The IntelliFinishing system is inherently scalable, adapting quickly to changes in your production or process. New components can be quickly installed with limited downtime. You can also easily integrate the system with automatic reciprocators and robotic painting.

Smart controls allow you to easily input or change recipes for each part. This provides you with the highest finish quality and efficiencies. You’ll have more total throughput yet less re-work, allowing you to both make more and save more – money.

You can perform on-site or off-site monitoring of the entire system.

IntelliFinishing provides the move energy efficient, programmable, and modular process equipment. Washer modules can be programmed independently to accommodate variation in wash time, pressure and chemical processes. Dry off and final oven curing processes, allow for wide variations in curing duration, or even in temperature settings and infra-red intensities. With the use of multi-lane ovens, faster curing parts can move past slower curing parts on the same system, preventing bottlenecks and increasing throughput. You’ll reduce waste and energy consumption.

Right-size your paint process and decrease operating costs with a lean automated finishing system from IntelliFinishing.


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