IoT technology doesn’t feel like the new kid on the block anymore; even in 2010, the number of devices connected to the internet per person was already well past 1.8, according to a 2011 White Paper by Cisco. But in the grand scheme of things, IoT solutions for businesses still come off as shiny and overly promising. This mentality, which often falls in the shadow of emerging technology, can keep people from remembering the crucial basics that will doom future projects if not addressed; in the IoT world, this would be data collection, aggregation and security. On today’s podcast, we go back to those basics with Darren Legge and Tyler Gross, IBM Watson IoT Solutions Specialists.

“It’s really the connectivity piece and the data aggregation piece that is usually missing in the infrastructure,” Gross said. “When you would like to employ some of the more advanced technologies, there’s a bit more legwork that you might initially think.” Legge and Gross break down why businesses tend to overlook basic applications of IoT and the potential problems that arise with too broad of an IoT scope, as well as give some commentary on the open-source IoT revolution and how IBM is helping educate clients on the basics. “We do want to start with ‘what is the use case, what is it that you’re trying to accomplish’ at the end of the day,” Legge said. “Make sure you back track all the way to the fundamental steps and don’t just launch in in the middle, because you just don’t set yourself up for success.”

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