The Weekly Scale: March 8th 2021


This week at MarketScale, we launched sweets across a river, held the virtual pre-game for SXSW EDU, and set the menu for this week’s round table. Fire up the VPN, it’s the start of a new week and it’s time to scale up.

Is a drone absolutely necessary in survey and mapping work? Well LiDar sure is. This week on Propelling by Microdrones, Samuel Flick broke down how LiDAR can drastically reduce mapping time compared to using the old fashioned GPS method.

South by South West was one of the first major event cancellations last year, but the organization has major goals for later this year when large in person events continue. This week on EdTech Today, Kevin Hogan sits down with SXSW EDU executive producers Ron Reed and Greg Rosenbaum as they detail their pivots this past year and share valuable insights for any ed exec who creates, exhibits, or attends edtech events.

Space to Grow took on Netflix. The host of the Netflix series, Emily’s Wonder Lab, Emily Calandrelli, joined Space to Grow to discuss how she has become a voice for the scientific community and advocates for people with all different talents to get involved in the space industry.

Drone deliveries are not only an invention out of the Jetsons, its possible right now. MarketScale and the host of Drones in America, Grant Guillot, went down to New Orleans to witness first hand Zing Drone Delivery fly beignets from the iconic Cafe Du Monde across the river to Algiers Point. And stay tuned for an exclusive episode of Drones in America, that will take you behind the scenes of the delivery and how it was made possible.

Please pull up to the first window. On the next MarketScale Roundtable we are bringing together some of the sharpest minds in the restaurant industry to explore the digital transformation in QSR. The panel will include:

-Barbara Castgilia, the host of The Main Course and Executive Editor of Modern Restaurant Management

-Hope Neiman, Chief Marketing Officer of Tillster

-Brad Duea, CEO of Restaurant Revolution Technologies

Make sure to follow along for future roundtables. The star of MarketScale’s Welcome to the Show will be sitting down with some of the brightest minds in hospitality on March 15th.

I’ll be back next Monday for The Weekly Scale but, until then, if you know of a story that you want us to cover, let us know with the hashtag B2BNeverSleeps.


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