10 Minutes to a Better Building: The Importance of Rental Services for Facilities

Facilities managers know that contingency planning is necessary for any effective building operation. Part of those contingencies is access to rental services. John Finucan, Senior Rental Project Executive at Boland, joined host 10 Minutes to a Better Building host Tyler Kern to talk about the importance of rental services. Finucan is the ideal expert to ask, as he started the rental services department at the company.

Finucan said contingency plans come in two types: planned and needed for emergencies. “A contingency plan for your facilities is a great way to ascertain if an emergency will cause downtime and interrupt your HVAC powered-to operation,” Finucan said. “For a facility that has one chiller or a boiler with no redundancy, a contingency plan can be a stress reliever. If you have one in place, you have figured out your voltage, tonnage, BTUs, needs for a generator, and whether connecting to the existing system or building to provide heat, chilling, or water is available.”

While every facility should consider having contingency plans for their critical systems, Finucan noted that planning is a must for certain facilities. “Healthcare facilities, if you lose your heating or cooling in a hospital, they have to move all those patients to another area and even find another area to move them.”

Finucan also explained that data centers are another environment in need of redundancy. “They have redundancy, but if you lose redundancy, you have to bring that factor back up to make sure you maintain those servers if something else happens to another chiller as you repair the other.”

Finucan recommended making heating contingency plans during the summer and cooling contingency plans for the winter, so facilities are ready to address those needs seasonally.

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