Parabit Podcast: Modernizing Healthcare Security


As trends in the pandemic continue, workplace violence continues to be on the rise. Rob Leiponis, CEO and President of Parabit Systems, and healthcare industry professionals Steven Biscotti, and Kevin Whaley sat down with host Gabrielle Bejarano to discuss the unique and difficult challenge the healthcare industry has to mitigate and manage healthcare security.

“Healthcare security is unlike any type of security in that you’re in an environment where folks are coming here not because you’re having a good day,” noted Kevin Whaley, Director of Safety and Security with The George Washington University Hospital. Steven Biscotti, Director of Safety and Security at Mt. Sinai South Nassau explained, “It could be interchangeable, visitor management and workplace violence.”

When Whaley was traveling in an airport, an idea for visitor management sparked from seeing the easy management of kiosks, but he needed to find a technological partner capable of changing the previous manual process to turn it digital, that’s where Parabit came in.

“We are able to actually verify a visitor to the patient by HL7 Integration – that system integration between Parabit and our SMS software – so that in real time, when a patient comes in and checks in on the kiosk or at the work station, you type in the visitor, patient’s name and it verifies A) is the patient in the hospital, B) can they receive a visitor?” said Whaley, explaining that the software knows and can manage how many visitors are allowed per patient per day.

This innovative security solution Mt. Sinai has also implemented to protect its workers and patients, Biscotti highlighted, “The Parabit systems require either a New York state license or a passport – it captures the photo, it also takes a picture. We were able to obtain the personal information of the individual and we store it on our network, and we have a network that can store for infinity.”

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