Advocacy in Eye Care: How to Get Involved and Make a Difference

December 13, 2021



On this thought-provoking episode of ECP Viewpoints, host Dr. Jennifer Palombi is joined by fellow optometrists Dr. Pamela Lowe and Dr. Melanie Fragoso to delve into the multifaceted world of advocacy in eye care.

The episode unfolds as Dr. Lowe and Dr. Fragoso share their personal advocacy stories, illustrating how their efforts have fortified both their profession and patient outcomes. They reveal that advocacy can spring from diverse actions. From the intimacy of the exam room, where patient education happens, to the broader expanse of legislative activities, each act of advocacy is significant.

The conversation underscores that supporting advocacy groups, financially or otherwise, is another powerful way of bolstering the profession.

Crucially, this episode provides practical advice for those new to advocacy or those feeling unsure about their expertise. Dr. Lowe and Dr. Fragoso assure listeners that everyone, regardless of comfort or experience level, can make a difference in eye care advocacy.

Key discussion points:
1. The personal advocacy journeys of Dr. Lowe and Dr. Fragoso.
2. Various forms of advocacy: from patient education to legislative participation.
3. The importance of supporting advocacy organizations.
4. Guidance for those new to advocacy activities.

As Dr. Lowe succinctly puts it: “Every patient encounter is a chance to advocate for eye health.”

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