Employee Spotlight: Chris Dove, Recruiting Manager

January 1, 2023
irfan ullah


We’re excited to introduce you to Chris Dove, recruiting manager at Aligned, who brings a unique perspective to his role due to his background as a nuclear submarine electrician in the United States Navy. His transition from the military to biomedical field service engineering opened doors for him to further develop skills in communicating with people and networking. Chris believes that his time serving in the military has greatly impacted his ability to relate and connect with military and veteran candidates during their transition period. He understands firsthand the challenges they face as they approach their contract deadline and navigate a new civilian career path. By being able to walk in their shoes, he can provide them with valuable guidance and support. To enhance support for veterans within Aligned, Chris spearheads an employee resource group specifically designed around veterans’ needs. This initiative aims to streamline the transition process by addressing common concerns such as benefits and overtime pay – areas that may be unfamiliar territory for those coming from a military background.

Aligned recognizes the value of active duty military personnel who are seeking careers outside of their service commitments. They have implemented a DoD SkillBridge program that offers active duty soldiers a six-month internship at Aligned prior to exiting active duty. This program allows these individuals an opportunity to gain industry-specific experience before fully transitioning into civilian life. For anyone considering entering or transitioning into the data center industry, Chris strongly encourages them to seize this opportunity. He highlights how this sector is currently one of the fastest-growing industries globally and offers immense potential for career growth due to its rapid expansion. With an insufficient number of skilled professionals available, those entering this field have a chance to take on more responsibility early on and become future leaders within the industry. A surprising fact about Chris is that he was actually born in Puerto Rico and did not live in the continental United States until the age of five. His father’s military service led them to be stationed in Roosevelt Roads, Puerto Rico. It was during this time that Chris was born, just after Hurricane Hugo swept through the island, causing power outages at the hospital where he was delivered. This tumultuous start to life has undoubtedly shaped his resilience and adaptability – qualities that are highly valuable in any career path. In conclusion, military experience brings immense value to the data center industry.

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