Cash Handling Made Easy With Tidel’s TR180 Cash Recycler

Retailers are now focusing on automating tasks that don’t add value, and cash handling is a significant part of this initiative. David Barclay, Vice President of Marketing at Tidel, joined host Tyler Kern to talk about Tidel’s latest cash recycler, the TR180. It’s designed to help retailers automate back-office cash handling tasks.

Cash recyclers bring several benefits to retailers, like grocery stores, by automating the manual handling of cash. When looking at a recycler, you should consider several factors. These include speed, configurability, the number of cash denominations it can handle, and its overall note capacity. Barclay said, “The TR180 addresses a wide market segment. It’s ideal for retailers that may not deal with massive daily cash volumes, but still have a significant cash flow that requires an automated solution.”

The TR180 provides flexibility. It has three note cassettes, which you can configure according to your store’s cash needs. It can handle up to four cash denominations and offers a deposit cassette that holds up to 2,850 notes. The TR180 can connect to a wide range of Tidel peripherals, such as coin recyclers, rolled coin dispensers, and secondary storage vaults. “We offer flexibility in the number of cash denominations that need recycling. We also provide a sizeable deposit cassette for this market segment,” Barclay added.

Given today’s challenging labor market and the struggle to maintain staffing levels, more retail organizations are turning to automation. They aim to continue delivering quality customer service. The TR180 serves as an ideal solution for stores. It can automate their cash handling tasks and use their store labor more effectively.

Barclay pointed out that “More retailers are asking how they can eliminate tasks that don’t add value and automate where possible. Cash recycling is an effective way to gain a competitive edge.”

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