CooperVision Best Practice Summit Overview

May 21, 2023



CooperVision’s Best Practice program is a transformative initiative for eye care professionals. It offers exclusive resources, advanced technologies, and expert guidance to elevate patient care. Participants gain access to a vibrant community, fostering collaboration and networking. Stay at the forefront of the industry, enhance clinical skills, and achieve practice success with this comprehensive program.

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  The world of optometry is rapidly evolving with new technologies, novel strategies, and fresh perspectives are vital for maintaining the highest standards of patient care and service. The 2023 Best Practices Summit, held in Savannah, Georgia, provided an enriching platform for professional growth and education for optometry students. This year, the event highlighted the […]

Xerona Clayton
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Xerona Clayton made a profound impact on civil rights, particularly in relation to Martin Luther King Jr. Day. As the founder and president of The Martin Luther King Jr. Center for Nonviolent Social Change, she dedicated her life to preserving and promoting the legacy of Dr. King and advancing the cause of social justice. Clayton’s […]

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    CooperVision’s team retreat in Denver, Colorado was an invigorating gathering where professionals exchanged ideas and shared best practices. Against the stunning backdrop of the Rocky Mountains, participants engaged in fruitful discussions, fostering collaboration and innovation. The retreat provided a platform for cross-functional teams to learn from each other’s experiences, promoting knowledge sharing and […]