Where Are The Black Optometrists? A Conversation with The Black Eye Care Prespective

November 12, 2021

Increasing the number of black optometrists is important. With the rise of myopia and other lifestyle-related eye conditions, it’s important that patients can find care providers that look and think like them. However, optometry continues to be stubbornly white and male. According to research gathered by Glaucoma Today, “Black patients consistently experience poorer communication quality from providers than White patients.”

So where are all the black optometrists?

This is the heart of our next ECP Viewpoints podcast episode. Hosted by Dr. Jennifer Palombi, we welcome the Black Eye Care Perspective founders. Their mission? To increase diversity, particularly among Black optometrists. The founders, Dr. Adam Ramsey and Dr. Maurice Zadeh believe in the power of inclusion and representation.

Topics we’ll explore:
1. The “13 Percent Promise” to increase Black optometry student representation.
2. How to create a supportive environment for diverse students and optometrists.
3. The role each of us can play in fostering diversity.

Dr. Zadeh says, “It’s time for diversity in leadership roles. We make better decisions with diverse voices.”

Dr. Ramsey and Dr. Zadeh are committed to a more inclusive future in optometry. Their work with Black Eye Care Perspective seeks to inspire change and welcome various experiences and backgrounds.


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