Herb’s Hot Hot Takes: The Five Effects of Bad Inventory Management

June 8, 2023
irfan ullah

Unlock the potential of your retail business with Herb’s Hot Takes, featuring Herb Billings, Datascan’s VP of Product Strategy, as he reveals how RFID technology can revolutionize your growth. In this episode, Herb addresses the critical impact of poor inventory record accuracy on your business’s success.

Discover the five key consequences that stem from inaccurate inventory records. You risk losing valuable sales opportunities, which hinder your revenue growth. Secondly, dissatisfied customers may choose to take their business elsewhere, resulting in the loss of their lifetime value and potential referrals.

Additionally, maintaining higher inventory levels as a safety precaution becomes necessary, which drives inventory costs upwards. Wasted labor is another hidden consequence, as employees spend valuable time searching for missing items and conducting unnecessary checks. Lastly, poor inventory accuracy negatively affects employee morale, leading to decreased motivation and productivity.

Gain insights from Herb’s interviews with clients, where he unravels the surprising impact of employee morale on business performance. Embrace the power of accurate inventory management to create a winning team, fuel success, and inspire a positive work environment.

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