In Touch with ENTOUCH: Six KPIs to Effectively Track Your ESG Strategy

March 10, 2022

ESG entered the mainstream of business conversation 15 years ago. Today, companies know the importance of achieving environmental, social, and governance goals for their stakeholders. ENTOUCH’s Todd Brinegar, EVP of sales and marketing, and Melissa Parsons, director of marketing, shared their insights on ESG and six key performance indicators (KPIs) to effectively track ESG strategy.

When an ESG strategy is correctly deployed, Parsons said the amount of greenhouse gas emission reductions businesses see is incredible, not to mention the energy reduction and bottom-line savings. With these savings, companies can invest in other opportunities to strengthen additional operational goals.

Something ENTOUCH brings to the table is the ability to provide a single pane of glass approach to showing companies their current energy usage, where there are areas for improvement and recommendations for savings. “In order to create effective sustainability goals, there needs to be some sort of measurement system,” Brinegar said. “You can track the progress over time while utilizing the resources as efficiently at every possible turn. So, when you look at our portal and the way we deliver valuable and actionable data to our customer, we look at anomalies, and we turn those anomalies into actions the customer can take to optimize their system.”

Measuring the ratio of the expected energy saved versus what a business spends in their energy usage is critical for a company’s ESG profile. This KPI is another that ENTOUCH can assist customers with or easily calculate. In addition, Parsons said ENTOUCH can help set up a pilot program for customers.

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