Cable Management System Overview

January 20, 2023
rizwan ullah


Chris Thorson and Nathan Yang share valuable insights about FLO Ultra, our groundbreaking product designed to enhance the cable management experience in electric vehicle (EV) charging. Join us as we explore the innovative features and functionalities of FLO Ultra and discover how it’s redefining convenience and reliability in the world of EV charging.

At FLO, we understand the challenges of handling heavy and inflexible charging cables. That’s why we’ve developed the patent-pending motorized cable management system for FLO Ultra. This unique system addresses three crucial issues faced by EV drivers:

  • The weight of the cables, which contain copper and liquid, can be burdensome.
  • Their limited bend radius makes them challenging to maneuver.
  • Traditional cable management systems create constant tension, making it difficult to handle the cables effectively.

FLO Ultra’s cable management system is designed to overcome these obstacles, ensuring an enjoyable charging experience for all users, regardless of height or strength.

Another aspect we considered while designing FLO Ultra’s cable management system was the varying locations of EV charge ports. Some vehicles have their ports at the front, while others have them at the back or in corners. FLO Ultra’s versatile cables are engineered to reach all sides of EVs, providing ultimate convenience and accessibility. With a generous 14 feet of range, you can effortlessly connect to the charge port, regardless of its position. Our goal is to ensure that FLO Ultra caters to the diverse charging needs of all EV drivers.

Let’s take a closer look at how the cable management system works in practice. As you approach the FLO Ultra charger, you’ll be greeted with a friendly welcome message on the display. After entering your information, the system prompts you to plug in. When you release the cable, you’ll notice it extending alongside you, thanks to the motorized system. This prevents the cable from lying on the ground, eliminating tripping hazards and ensuring a clean charging environment. The extended reach of 14 feet makes connecting to the charge port effortless, regardless of its location. Once your charging session is complete, disconnect the cable, and the cable management system will automatically retract, safely storing the cable without any impact on the ground. This seamless process provides users with a lightweight and hassle-free experience, alleviating the strain of handling heavy cables.

At FLO, we prioritize reliability and longevity. The cable management system of FLO Ultra keeps the cables off the ground, minimizing stress and tension on the vehicle’s connector. This not only prevents damage to the vehicle but also extends the lifespan of the cables. Our commitment to accessible and sustainable charging solutions is embedded in the design of FLO Ultra, ensuring a reliable and efficient charging experience for all.

FLO Ultra represents a significant advancement in EV charging technology, particularly in the realm of cable management. With its innovative motorized system, extended reach, and user-friendly operation, FLO Ultra provides a new level of convenience and reliability for EV drivers. We remain dedicated to delivering accessible and sustainable charging solutions that support the transition to electric mobility.

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