Product Presentation

January 20, 2023
rizwan ullah


Chris Thorson and Nathan Yang introduce FLO Ultra, the latest electric vehicle (EV) charging innovation from FLO.

One of the first things you’ll notice about FLO Ultra is its eye-catching illuminated lights on top. These lights serve a dual purpose: they help EV drivers locate the chargers in dimly lit parking lots and act as a visual indicator of availability. The green light signifies that the charger is ready for use, eliminating any guesswork for EV drivers. Convenience is at the forefront of FLO Ultra’s design philosophy.

Approaching the charger, you’ll appreciate the thoughtful cable management system simplifying the plugging and unplugging process. This motorized system effortlessly assists you in handling the cable, making charging your vehicle a breeze. FLO Ultra’s impressive capabilities shine through as it can deliver up to 320 kilowatts for a single unit. Each port can provide a minimum of 160 kilowatts, ensuring efficient charging for EV drivers. Moreover, FLO Ultra features a distributed power management system that enables multiple units to share power, allowing for a staggering 500 kilowatts of charging through just one cable. This unique feature sets FLO Ultra apart from other charging solutions in the market.

FLO Ultra boasts a novel design that addresses common concerns EV drivers raise. The height of the charger has been lowered, enhancing visibility and reducing intimidation. This design tweak enables FLO Ultra to accommodate multiple parking configurations by splitting the spacing between the two terminals. Whether you have a car parked on one side or both sides of the charger, the cables are positioned closer to each vehicle, ensuring maximum reach. Additionally, FLO Ultra offers the flexibility to install the screen and cable on the opposite side, mimicking the familiar layout of a traditional gas station. This forward-thinking configuration allows for simultaneous charging on both sides, catering to EV drivers’ needs and comfort.

As with all FLO products, durability, reliability, and serviceability are paramount in FLO Ultra’s design. Constructed using high-grade aluminum, FLO Ultra stands strong against various weather conditions, ensuring long-lasting performance. The charger’s serviceability is further enhanced by its easily accessible components, thanks to the large doors that open up to reveal the internal modules. Technicians can swiftly replace and maintain the charger, minimizing downtime and maximizing customer satisfaction.

FLO Ultra sets a new standard for charging solutions with its user-centric design, impressive power capabilities, versatile configuration, and rugged reliability. FLO is committed to simplifying the charging experience, supporting the transition to electric mobility, and contributing to a greener and more sustainable future.

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