How to Visualize Token Trust Chain, with Meeco

April 27, 2022

In an episode of “Gossip about Gossip,” podcast host and Senior Vice President of Hedera, Zenobia Godschalk chatted with Katryna Dow, CEO and founder at Meeco, an Australian-based technology company, about token trust. As the growth and popularity of digital tokens increase, so do privacy and environmental concerns.

Dow was inspired to create Meeco many decades earlier after seeing the classic sci-fi 2002 film, “Minority Report.” The film provided Dow with her initial concern for the future of digital information and accessibility, and the overall planet. Fast forward to today, where Bitcoin and NFT’s are the norms, Dow is reliving fears she first experienced when she watched the film. But her optimistic outlook is also betting on technological advancements.

“We are the generation that have inherited the responsibility right now about doing something about the sustainability for future generations, and so it is a heavy responsibility that each of us have, and I think technology can play a big part in continuing toward some of the amazing solutions,” emphasized Dow.

Godschalk said with all the discourse surrounding NFT’s and the harm they cause to the environment, tokens also showcase a pretty grim future. But Dow added that in addition to rapid token growth, so will more solutions for problem areas because “we have a philosophy that everything will end up being tokenized,” said Dow.

She said that continued growth will demonstrate and innovate more solutions and the sustainability aspect is going to take precedence.
“One of the important things in terms of tokenization and this fractional world, is that it’s going to mean a lot of minting, creating, tracking, and I think this comes back to … that underlying technology being both carbon negative, but also addressing that issue because we’re actually going to see more forms of unique identification such as an NFT, or some type of token,” said Dow.

In order to stay on track, she predicted that moving forward everything must meet “sustainable and scalable” standards.

Dow used Hedera to find solutions with units, tokens, payments, and data all at once. She added that currently, security rights are her concern and ensuring that the value of tokens can show proof of validity without exposing private information.

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