Icom’s Memorial Day Tribute 2023

June 1, 2023
Ray Novak


As the rhythms of daily life ebb and flow, there comes a moment each year when the nation collectively slows its pace to remember and honor the indelible sacrifice of our military men and women–Memorial Day. Jim Hanshaw, Icom’s South Central Territory Manager, shares that this isn’t simply a day off from work, a chance for a beach getaway, or an occasion for a backyard barbecue; it’s a profound acknowledgment of lives willingly offered up in the pursuit of liberty and freedom, a freedom we often take for granted.

Some communities, like the small town of Pontotoc, Mississippi, immortalize their fallen heroes in enduring stone–a poignant reminder to all of the ultimate price paid by some of its sons and daughters.  Ray Novak, Senior Sales Manager at Icom, grew up in Pontotoc and explains these engraved names are more than just a piece of history; they echo a personal narrative intertwined with the larger American story. With a son in the Air Force, the sacrifice that this day represents takes on an even more profound meaning to him.

So, as the holiday weekend approaches, Icom America collectively pauses to reflect on the extraordinary sacrifice that affords us our ordinary lives in this country.


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