Icom to Lead the Conversation on Radio System Integration at IWCE

March 18, 2024


As efficient communication continues to show that it is high-stakes in today’s world, especially in critical infrastructure, the upcoming IWCE (International Wireless Communications Expo) serves as a crucial convergence point for industry leaders and innovators. This year, the event, which will be held from March 25-28, is set to take an in-depth look at the radio system integration systems within non-public safety sectors, such as transportation and mass transit.

At the heart of this discussion is Icom’s director of business development, John Paul Beauchamp, who will be moderating a panel featuring several experts from various sects of the communications industry on the subject of radio system integration. The panel is planning to include Andy Maximilian of Blue Wing Consulting, Tim McDowell from the Washington State Department of Transportation, and Kyle Connor of Powerful Recharge. They will explore the necessary procedures and equipment to unify statewide or regional radio systems. 

Article written by Alexandra Simon.

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