Icom’s F5330D: The New Kid on the Block in Wireless Technology and Communication

June 22, 2023
Adrienne St. Clair


When it comes to wireless technology, it seems everyone’s always on the lookout for cool new gadgets that make our lives easier. Icom, a big name in the game, is focused on innovative solutions that enhance signal strength and operational efficiency. Their latest brainchild, the F5330D, is a perfect example. This new mobile radio isn’t your average device. It uses power over ethernet, which allows it to work over much longer distances. This is a game-changer, especially in dispatch situations, because you can put the device closer to the antenna for a stronger signal. Mark Jordan, the Land Mobile Senior Sales Manager for Icom, offers a full overview of the unique features and potential applications of this groundbreaking new device in wireless technology.

Mark’s Thoughts:

“Hi, this is Mark with Icom. I want to talk about our new product, which is the F5330D. It’s really innovative and it’s a new way to use mobile radio. We have other forms of remote head or black box radios where the command mic or the control head can be remotely installed in lengths of tens of feet, where you can put it under a seat or in the trunk, or you have to install it under a desk and then run cable up to an antenna on a roof for dispatch or base station style dispatching. Well, today with the new F5330D, the command mic itself is connected via ethernet. So what that allows is power over ethernet. And in this case, those lengths go into the hundreds of feet and specifically 328 feet. So the beauty is in that case, the F5330D, let’s say in the dispatch situation, you can actually install the mobile radio up closer to the roof, closer to the antenna. So you don’t have those losses in the signal loss between where it’s usually installed down in the dispatch location and the antenna. So this is a great innovation where we’re using the power over ethernet to expand the distance between where you press it to talk and control the radio with full keypad command mic and where the base of the radio is installed. The applications become pretty diverse if you think about it, because we’ve expanded this length now to 100 meters. The F5330 is just another example of how Icom is extremely innovative and continues to innovate in our wireless industry.”

Article written by Adrienne St. Clair


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