The Creative Process: How to help others create amazing experiences, with Erik McKinney

February 16, 2022
Sonia Gossai

The creative process is often steeped in mystery to those who aren’t involved. Some may think that ideas are on a simple to produce on a moment’s notice. But there’s much more to it, and without certain processes and collaboration, an idea may never get off the ground.

“A creative brief is the foundation for everything we do. It’s a starting point but also a point of reflection to make sure we’re on the right path.” says Erik McKinney, SVP, Creative & Strategy at Impact XM.

An agency can’t do this alone. Clients’ participation in coming up with ideas is essential, and the brief helps serve as a tiebreaker for everyone.

But what about budgets and timelines? Big ideas, driven by the brief, aren’t hindered by budgets. Translating the concept into the execution and experience is shaped by what the client can afford. Of course, budgets, timeframes, and workstyle have changed during the last two years, but McKinney believes it’s still possible to produce experiences and live events that move the consumer.

Join Lorre, Holly, and Erik as they talk about the creative process and tips on how to create unique and compelling marketing experiences.

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