InTouch with ENTOUCH: The Cost of Inaction and Inertia

Maximizing ROI is the goal for every organization, but what is the cost associated with inaction? That’s the question Tyler Kern posed to Jon Bolen, CEO of ENTOUCH. Bolen said that over time, the cost of inaction and inertia begins piling up.

Those are areas well studied in terms of the environment and social justice, and the costs associated with nonaction are calculated. But Bolen says it’s something that too often gets overlooked in the commercial space. “The cost of inaction is the economic impact to your business by not investing.”

When an organization recognizes a cost-savings solution and is ready to implement it, bureaucratic inertia, which stalls such an opportunity, also delays the savings. Bolen sighted one example of a customer prepared to enact an ENTOUCH solution that would pay for itself in less than a year and provide yearly cost savings of thousands of dollars, only to have the deal hung up over seven months. In that time, the customer lost additional savings potential. “In the time they spent navigating their own decision process, they left enough money on the table to have paid for the implementation of the entire project. But instead, they continued to spend that money on energy.”

Bolen recognized that understanding the actual cost of inaction and inertia requires a bit of education. ENTOUCH welcomes the opportunity to have those conversations with customers to help them realize the savings potential in putting energy solutions in place today, not tomorrow, “And that is the real challenge,” Bolen said. “Helping them understand where the fire is, and this is an urgent issue to act upon so we can help them solve it.”

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