Revolutionizing Welding Calibration: The Efficient, Precise, and Flexible KUKA.ServoGun

January 1, 2023
Sonia Gossai

The world of manufacturing is continuously challenged by the demand for precision, efficiency, and reliability. Especially in welding operations, the quality of results heavily depends on achieving accurate and consistent pressures, which can be a labor-intensive and time-consuming process. This is where the KUKA.ServoGun steps in, fundamentally transforming the traditional welding calibration process to drive efficiency, reduce costs, and ensure the quality of results.

KUKA.ServoGun is an innovative software technology package that makes the control of spot or resistance welding guns using an electric servo motor an effortless task. This groundbreaking solution is not only easy to install but also provides flexibility, precision, and efficiency in calibration.

In the traditional gun calibration process, technicians utilize a handheld force gauge in an iterative process that can take up to thirty minutes per gun. The calibration process involves closing the gun at a slow, safe speed on the gauge, documenting the force, and entering it into software to generate a calibration curve. If the results fall short of expectations, the process has to be repeated. Even under near-perfect conditions, this approach only achieves an accuracy of 10-15%.

Contrastingly, KUKA.ServoGun revolutionizes this cumbersome process. During the calibration, the servo motor is automatically driven to a sequence of gun forces, each of which is measured and automatically recorded in the calibration software. It implements a target position strategy, taking into account gun deflection to provide a more accurate result.

This calibration process is repeated, usually five times over the force range, and can be extended for complex guns until satisfactory results are achieved. In less than ten minutes per gun, KUKA.ServoGun attains an accuracy of 3-7%. This represents a staggering improvement of up to 70% over traditional methods.

In the grand scheme of a production line setup, the time saved by using KUKA.ServoGun can translate into significant cost savings for businesses. Its advantages are not limited to just time and cost savings; the tool also ensures consistently high-quality welding results, an aspect paramount in today’s competitive manufacturing landscape.

In conclusion, KUKA.ServoGun has completely revolutionized welding calibration, offering a solution that is easy-to-use, efficient, precise, and, importantly, time-saving. It’s a clear demonstration of KUKA’s commitment to driving innovation in the industrial automation field. To learn more about how KUKA.ServoGun can benefit your operations, contact KUKA today. Also check out the show, Orange Intelligenz to get an inside look at KUKA Robotics and their innovative solutions.

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