Becoming an Exceptional Leader and Creating A Success Culture

July 11, 2023
Matt Brost


Success culture isn’t tied to hierarchies or positions; rather, it’s intricately woven into the very fabric of our mindset and behavior. That’s the profound takeaway from a stimulating exchange between Matt Brost and Clay Scroggins on the Show “Excellence Culture.” They both illuminate the pathway to creating an environment of excellence.

This pursuit is not confined to the corner office but should permeate every nook and cranny of an organization, from the mailroom to the boardroom. At its core, it’s about individuals assuming responsibility, fostering growth within their respective spheres, and eschewing mediocrity. In a world that often compromises on quality, the real differentiator lies in nurturing talent and bringing out the best in each team member.

Clay talks about success culture and shares his background and experiences as a pastor and author, focusing on the concept of leading without authority. They discuss the lack of excellence in society today and the need for individuals to take ownership of creating excellence in their own spheres of influence. They touch on the nature versus nurture debate regarding excellence and the importance of employers investing in the development of their employees to retain talent. The conversation ends with the idea of continuing the discussion in the future.


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