Unveiling the Path to Personal Excellence On and Off the Diamond

August 29, 2023
Matt Brost

Matt Brost from Lockton discusses the concept of enhancing personal excellence with his guest, Ian Kinsler, a former Major League Baseball player. They delve into various topics, including upbringing, sports, and influential mentors on this episode of Excellence Culture.

Kinsler shares stories from his childhood in Tucson, Arizona, highlighting the importance of being active and having a laid-back household. He emphasizes the spiritual and independent approach his parents took, allowing him to find his own path.

Kinsler discusses the significance of mentors throughout his life, particularly his dad, high school coach, and college coaches, who played a pivotal role in shaping his mindset and work ethic. They touch on the idea of self-reflection and the importance of accepting correction as a key aspect of excellence.

The conversation also touches on Kinsler’s journey through college, where he faced challenges and setbacks but ultimately believed in his abilities. The conversation provides insights into the mindset and experiences of a professional athlete striving for personal excellence.

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