Michigan Virtual Supports State with Professional Learning Services

June 5, 2023

Michigan Virtual’s Professional Learning team collaborates with organizations and schools to bring best practices and resources to educators in Michigan and beyond. They offer a wide range of professional development opportunities, including face-to-face trainings and a catalog of over 250 courses. These courses cover various topics such as universal design for learning, social and emotional learning, and assessment practices. Michigan Virtual is always seeking new and innovative approaches to professional learning, such as their unique TV series study on “Ted Lasso,” where educators analyze and apply the show’s themes to the classroom. Participants in their programs have praised the intentional design of activities and the applicability of the learnings across grade levels and disciplines. Michigan Virtual’s professional learning portal provides educators with a wealth of resources that can be utilized for personal growth and shared with colleagues. The portal offers videos, articles, and other materials that can support professional development needs, and educators have found value in utilizing these resources to enhance their teaching practices. Overall, Michigan Virtual’s professional learning offerings aim to support educators in their continuous professional growth and improve the learning experiences for students.

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