4 Tips to Navigate the Evolving Conference Room

January 1, 2023


In the wake of the pandemic, the way we collaborate and connect has undergone a significant shift. Video conferencing has become a crucial component of modern business communication, enabling teams to collaborate seamlessly regardless of their location. Google, a pioneer in video conferencing, has spearheaded the conference room evolution with their extensive deployment of over 25,000 video rooms worldwide. We spoke with an expert from Google to delve into the importance of designing flexible conference rooms and the role played by Mimo Monitors in this transformative journey. Here are the key insights on how to create conference rooms that facilitate effective collaboration while ensuring participant equity.

Designing for Flexibility: Adapting to Changing Needs

As the world transitions back to in-person interactions, the need for flexible conference rooms becomes paramount. Uncertainty surrounding social distancing guidelines and the hybrid work model necessitates adaptable spaces that can accommodate varying numbers of participants, both in-person and remote. To achieve this, experts recommend utilizing conference room kits that provide all the necessary components for different types of rooms in one package. These kits undergo extensive testing to ensure consistent performance even with software updates, guaranteeing a high-level experience for all users.

The Power of the Series One Touch Controller

At the heart of the Series One kit is the Series One Touch controller, developed by Mimo Monitors. This 10-inch power-over-Ethernet display serves as the user interface for the conference room system. Designed and tested in conjunction with the kit, it seamlessly integrates into any conference room environment with its consistent industrial design. The controller’s compatibility and reliable performance contribute to a cohesive and user-friendly conference room experience.

Participant Equity: Ensuring an Inclusive Experience

Creating an inclusive environment where all participants have an equal experience is a key consideration in conference room design. Regardless of whether attendees are working remotely, on the go, or in the office, it’s essential to prioritize visibility and clear audio. Display solutions that support power over Ethernet offer advantages in terms of flexibility and simplicity, as they leverage Ethernet’s capability for longer distances. This single cable connection provides the necessary power and connectivity, simplifying the setup while ensuring a consistent experience for everyone involved.

The Partnership with Mimo Monitors

Google’s collaboration with Mimo Monitors has been nothing short of exceptional. Initially a customer, Google was impressed by the high-quality products produced by Mimo Monitors, leading to a fruitful partnership. The future looks promising as both companies continue to innovate and enhance the conference room experience.

By adopting a flexible design approach, leveraging the Series One Touch controller by Mimo Monitors, and prioritizing participant equity, organizations can create conference rooms that foster seamless collaboration and inclusivity. Embrace the conference room evolution, where cutting-edge technology meets the demands of a changing work landscape.

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