Bridging the Gap Between the Commercial and Residential Audio Communities

In this episode of “Pro AV Today,” host Ben Thomas sits down with Audra Kinsley of Sonos Professional to unpack a topic that’s causing (sound) waves in the audio industry: the fusion of commercial and residential audio systems. As we navigate through a landscape where consumer and professional audio worlds are increasingly intersecting, Sonos steps into the spotlight, showcasing its journey from a household name to a burgeoning force in commercial audio.

Audra opens up about Sonos’ evolution, highlighting how the brand has managed to pivot while keeping its core ethos intact. The conversation digs deep into user experience – a cornerstone of Sonos’ strategy – and how it’s been instrumental in bridging the gap between home and business audio. Audra shares insights on Sonos Pro, a testament to the brand’s commitment to simplifying commercial audio without compromising on quality. They also delve into the challenges and opportunities that come with expanding into the B2B sphere, discussing the importance of brand affinity and user experience in this new territory.

The episode also touches on the future of audio technology. While Sonos keeps its cards close regarding specific plans, Audra’s enthusiasm for user feedback-driven innovation gives us a sneak peek into what might be on the horizon for Sonos and the audio industry at large.

Listen above to get the full story on how Sonos is reshaping the audio world, one speaker at a time.

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