Why Reliable Communication Systems are Critical in Event Production

In this episode of Pro AV Today, host Ben Thomas continues his series on live event production and venue technology, focusing on an often overlooked but essential component: intercom and communication systems. Guest Brian Grahn from Clear-Com shares his insights on the critical role these systems play beyond traditional production environments, highlighting their application in facility and security management.

Intercom systems, as Grahn explains, have evolved from basic communication tools to sophisticated networks that integrate with a variety of technologies like such as virtual applications, two-way radios, and SIP lines. This advancement enables seamless communication across different departments, crucial for coordinating large-scale events and ensuring safety.

Grahn emphasizes the importance of considering intercom systems early in the planning process, especially when integrating with existing infrastructure like analog systems in theaters or Dante networked infrastructures in modern facilities. He points out that understanding the unique challenges and opportunities of each venue, from wired to wireless communication, is key to creating effective communication networks.

The conversation also touches on the implications of using IT infrastructure for AV applications, highlighting the need for specialized knowledge to navigate the complexities of network protocols and ensure reliable communication. Grahn advises facility managers and IT professionals to consult with experts and leverage resources like case studies and training materials to design systems that meet their specific needs.

This episode of Pro AV Today underlines the essential role of intercom and communication systems in the success of live events and the importance of integrating these technologies thoughtfully to enhance safety, efficiency, and coordination across various departments.

Watch the full episode above!

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