Navigating Safety in Education: Grove City’s Adoption of Tech-Enabled School Safety

January 20, 2023
Aarushi Maheshwari


In the challenging landscape of educational administration, embracing technology to enhance safety and security measures is a critical step forward. Grove City Area School District, led by the formidable team of Assistant Superintendent John Weaver and Director of Technology Judy Dennis, stands as a testament to this trend, illustrating the transformative impact of integrating technological advancements into emergency management and safety planning. The district’s decision to adopt Raptor products reflects an organizational culture that values improvement and adaptability in the pursuit of a safer, more secure learning environment. This move was met with significant enthusiasm by the staff, demonstrating readiness for an upgrade in safety protocols. The high adoption rate and successful usage of tech-enabled school safety products also speak to the level of preparedness and acceptance amongst users. Importantly, the emphasis on comprehensive training and clear communication underscores a deep commitment to ensuring all stakeholders are empowered with the knowledge needed for success. We now turn to our esteemed guests, John Weaver and Judy Dennis, who will share their firsthand experiences with tech-enabled school safety.

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