5 Valuable Reasons to Switch from Static to Digital Signage

Digital signage is quickly replacing static signage in places like restaurants, stores, venues and airports. It has proven its ability to offer a great return on investment in the long run. In fact, when compared to static, a study found that digital signage captures 400 percent more views.1

There are many benefits to making the switch, but we’ll focus in on our top 5:

1. Content is Real-Time

Digital signage systems allow you to make content updates in seconds. Need to change a price on a menu board? Update the welcome message in a waiting room? Digital signage makes it easy. With print signage, the best you could do would be to mark out an item with a Sharpie, or stick flimsy sheets of paper underneath a plastic covering. This isn’t efficient or sustainable. You can’t have signs looking like a school project. No other format gives you the freedom to update and edit like digital.

2. Content is Flexible

Schedule different content at different times with digital. For quick service restaurants, this means an automatic transition from the breakfast to the lunch menu. For digital signage in public transportation, morning rides may advertise coffee while evening commuters may see happy hour offerings. This ability to show the right content at the right time takes signage from information to targeted. Static signage simply does not have the ability to meet this need.

3. Engage Consumers with Great Content

The current technology powering digital signage enables brands to create impactful content that catches the eyes of those who see it. Animation and motion draw crowds in, which is something static signage can’t offer.

4. Save Money Over the Long-Term

The initial cost of digital can be a significant investment and there are maintenance costs associated with keeping the screens on and running. Print, however, has its own costs. The cost of materials, designers, labor to put up and take down the signs and these are all ongoing costs. There is a break-even point with digital and if you have thousands of locations, it makes sense to consider investing in digital for a lower maintenance cost in the long run.

5. ROI can be Measured

Unlike static signage, digital allows for owners and their staff to quickly update and manage content, which can include advertising new product lines and promotional offers. You can then measure sales lift or other specific sales metrics tied to your promotional content. This allows you to measure your return on investment and do A/B testing to optimize your network.

In Summary

Digital signage can make your marketing and sales goals more measurable and attainable. Whatever your objectives are, connect with Reflect to design the ideal system for your brand.

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