Sometimes what you need to generate the best ideas is a strong team.

Tricia Rodriguez, Director of Marketing for Mad Systems, has seen a diverse group come together and form close relationships, allowing them to work together to complete projects and even develop products few others in the AV space are able to.

“My team truly does innovative thinking to think forward and bring what projects need that hasn’t been available in the past. We’re forward-thinkers,” Rodriguez said. “It takes very special people, so just hiring somebody off a resume is very difficult for us to do. Really, [it’s about] our relationships, knowing people, meeting people and building relationships so you have a really special team that can think alike and think differently at the same time.”

That has allowed for innovative crossover opportunities, with Mad far ahead of the curve on combining A/V and IT systems.

Now that AV and IT have converged, Mad has continued to craft new technologies that fit the current needs of the industry.

“We’re excited to be the leader in the field of AV innovation. We’ve created a fully wireless AV system that’s called QuickSilver®️, and it’s a new advanced, affordable AV IT system. You see a lot of people still talking about convergence of AV and IT,” Rodriguez said. “For us, that’s a done deal. It’s in the past. That’s why we refer to our new technology as AV++™️. The old boundaries are gone, and we deliver what we’re doing now in a way forward in the field of AV … It’s just that different.”

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