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HDBaseT 3.0 is the Latest in Multimedia Delivery Solutions

HDBaseT 3.0
HDBaseT 3.0 seems to be the top choice for uncompressed multimedia delivery solutions thanks to recent technological innovations. This solution is the only fully uncompressed HDMI 2.0 Read more


mocktail movement
The Stats Say Alcohol Intake is Down, but the Demand for Flavor is Not. Can the Mocktail Movement Meet Consumer’s Alcohol-Free Needs?
February 4, 2023

The holiday months are filled with indulgent food and drink, spurring the “Dry January” event, which has become a movement many partake in with the dawning of the New Year. In 2021, NIelsonIQ found that 22 percent of U.S. consumers stated they were decreasing their alcohol intake, and non-alcoholic beverage sales were up 19 […]

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Healthcare Cyberattacks
Healthcare Cyberattacks Grew in 2022
February 3, 2023

Concerning data from cybersecurity firm Check Point indicates an increase in cyberattacks on healthcare organizations by 74% in 2022 from the previous year. Healthcare is currently the third most attacked global industry (1,463 attacks per week) behind government/military (1,661 attacks per week) and education/research (2,314 attacks per week.) And in the United States, Healthcare […]

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CES 2023 crowd attendance
Top Trends at CES 2023 from Bosch, John Deere, and More
February 3, 2023

Top notch technology and top notch attendance secured CES 2023 its gold medal; to put it simply, this year’s CES was a huge success. The world’s largest and most prominent consumer electronics and technology exhibition, CES served its usual role as a testing ground for ground-breaking innovations across multiple verticals. From 5G to Web3, and […]

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HDBaseT 3.0 is the Latest in Multimedia Delivery Solutions
December 27, 2022

HDBaseT 3.0 seems to be the top choice for uncompressed multimedia delivery solutions thanks to recent technological innovations. This solution is the only fully uncompressed HDMI 2.0 multimedia and 5Play on the market. Several features HDBaseT 3.0 the go-to choice for long-distance, uncompressed multimedia transmission. HDBaseT 3.0 enables long-distance distribution up to 100m/328ft and ultra-high […]

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Proto Hologram: Retailers Benefit from Enhanced Audiovisual Experience
December 2, 2022 recently reported on Walmart’s creative use of Proto technology to display a “holographic recreation of Sam Walton in preparation of its permanent exhibit at the Walmart Museum”. In conjunction with StoryFile, Walmart now has an engaging holographic rendition of Sam Walton that can engage visitors in conversation through enhanced audiovisual solutions. Proto’s Epic is […]

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Aurora Hires the “Dream Team” of Education
November 30, 2022

At some point, you have likely tried to “do it yourself” without an expert, whether building furniture from instructions, installing equipment in your house, or fixing your car. But wouldn’t it have been nice to speak to an expert ahead of time so they could guide you through the processes and use of the tools […]

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Designing Aurora’s Newest Products with PoE in Mind
September 9, 2022

The Pro AV world is shaking it up. Speaking on the importance of AV from a manufacturer, factory, and distribution level, host Bobby Brill chatted with Production Manager of Aurora Multimedia Nick Reiser about the importance of AV implementing PoE capabilities.   AV work is about more than just setting up a screen – almost everything […]

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Evaluating Emerging Markets in AV with Rich Ventura of Sony
July 11, 2022

On a recent episode of the podcast “Pro AV Today,” host Ben Thomas interviewed Rich Ventura, Sony’s Vice President of B2B. The two talked about some of the latest changes in the AV Industry and the emergence and increase of new markets in the field. Thomas said that many companies, particularly new ones, are […]

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Studio Insights: Studio Spaces in Corporate Spaces
March 22, 2022

Companies recognize the need to produce video content to reach an audience more than ever before. Even further, the need for video content creation requires more access to production studio space. Peter Provost, President and Director of Design at Provost Studio, sees this rise of studio spaces within corporate workspaces. He spoke to Tyler Kern […]

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What’s Next for Digital Signage?
March 9, 2022

Digital signage has been a regular part of many environments for nearly 20 years. While it’s no longer “new,” it’s still a critical piece of technology used in settings from retail to airports to corporate. So, where is the market today and what’s next? Expert Justin Shong, General Manager, Americas at Jupiter Systems, joined […]

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How Remote Video Productions Have Become More Accessible
February 7, 2022

Remote video production is changing the broadcast landscape. While the model accelerated due to the pandemic, the technology making it possible continues to drive innovation. Discussing this topic, Pro AV Today host Ben Thomas spoke with Mickey Miller, CEO of Vislink. Vislink specializes in collecting, delivering, and managing high-quality live video and data across news, […]

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The Past, Present and Future of Hologram Technology
December 29, 2021

While hologram technology isn’t new, the modern application is night and day from where it started decades ago. To discuss its evolution and applications, Pro AV Today host Ben Thomas chatted with Larry O’Reilly, CEO of ARHT Media, experts in the hologram space. “The modern era of holograms was really Tupac at Coachella. The interactions […]

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