Designing Aurora’s Newest Products with PoE in Mind

September 9, 2022

The Pro AV world is shaking it up. Speaking on the importance of AV from a manufacturer, factory, and distribution level, host Bobby Brill chatted with Production Manager of Aurora Multimedia Nick Reiser about the importance of AV implementing PoE capabilities.  

AV work is about more than just setting up a screen – almost everything we do now is over ethernet. Reiser noted the company’s ambition, “I really love how we are always doing the latest stuff…Every aspect of our life has some matter of AV.”  

Power over Ethernet (PoE) is making waves in the market and changing up the traditional style of set-up. No more chopping up piles of concrete or wrapping up a mix of wires – now there’s just one ethernet cable. Reiser noted, “Nowadays with POE you can go full IT distances and if it’s safe for the data, it’s safe for POE.” 

Dealing with one data pipe allows commercial AV some security that is predictable and operating based on exact specifications. While previously, security in the industry used to be based off on all these competing standards, this is changing too. Reiser said, “…and now with AV over IP [Audio-Visual over Internet Protocol] the majority of it inherits actual IT infrastructure standards. It’s been proven in much larger scales…we just use those same security layers in our video product.” 

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