Adder Introduces Free Flow Feature at InfoComm 2018

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MarketScale was able to chat with Tim Conway, VP of Adder, at the recent InfoComm 2018. Conway spoke about some of their core technologies, specifically the AdderLink Infinity high performance KVM digital matrix, an entirely IP-based system. This system, Conway, explained, is composed of transmitters and receivers. For every computer in the system, there needs to be a transmitter, and for every user, there needs to be a receiver.

In creating a system like this through a high power KVM instead of a point-to-point extension, Adder has instilled the ultimate flexibility in transitioning workflow. Conway demonstrated that with this system, a simple keyboard command can switch activity to a different system, so there is full flexibility in controlling any computer in the matrix. The system has tremendous scalability of up to hundreds of transmitters.

And speaking of transmitters, Adder has decreased their footprint with their latest product. The Infinity 100 transmitter is a zero-U dongle form factor offered in DVI or display board form. It is both powered and controlled through USB, which allows the user to interface power the device through the USB. In essence, it minimizes power use and maximizes video flexibility, saving rack space and money.

Tying everything into an entire solution is a critical aspect of the system for Adder. So, they developed the Adder commander and control switch. Using one keyboard and one mouse, a user can control two or more computers by simply moving the mouse across the desk from one screen to the next. The control seamlessly slides from one monitor to another in this free flow feature. Tying this system together with the command and control aspect makes for a well-rounded solution that can expand across almost any vertical market.

Conway described how the Infinity AdderLink is a flagship product for the company, having been on the market for seven years now. In devising their products, they took a close look at the industry and saw a trend toward IP-based products, so it made sense for them to integrate IP-based solutions into their area of expertise, their KVM products. They wanted to focus on what they do best and also incorporate a true IP network traffic system that would allow users to choose whatever type of network they want, and Adder products will work with any of these. A core value of this product line is its flexibility, and Conway feels that the company has succeeded in offering a high quality total solution with maximum flexibility.


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