AI’s Transformative Impact on the AV Market Will Help Predict Product Maintenance and Design

August 16, 2023


More recently, the gradual integration of artificial intelligence (AI) in the audio-visual (AV) industry has begun to shift from novelty to necessity. From streamlining cumbersome tasks to improving audio quality and aiding in design and predictive maintenance, AI is adding layers of innovation. The rising demand for efficiency and quality is driving this transformation. With the global AI in the AV market expected to grow at an impressive rate, the stakes are high for understanding what AI’s continuous evolution means for the industry.

But what are the specific areas where AI is making waves in the AV industry, and what does the future hold for the general AV market? What are the real-world applications, and how do they translate into benefits for both professionals and end-users?

For the latest episode of “AVer,” host Ben Thomas, who is also the host of Pro AV Today at MarketScale. He examined some of the areas of the AV industry that AI is transforming. In this episode, Thomas also dove into the world of AI in the AV industry exploring how artificial intelligence continues to shape this dynamic field.

A few main points of the conversation:

  • The role of AI in automating laborious tasks, such as auto framing in meetings and improving audio quality.
  • Leveraging AI for design and predictive maintenance, including predicting product failures and assisting in the design process.
  • Exciting innovations in AI that are enhancing both end-user experiences and the design and installation process.

Ben Thomas is the head of Pro AV at MarketScale and host of Pro AV Today. As an expert in the field of AI and its application in the AV industry, Thomas boasts an extensive background in technology and innovation. 

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