APCO 2023: Lessons in Aviation Come From Embracing Challenges and Teamwork

September 12, 2023
Alexandra Simon



As businesses and organizations are undergoing significant changes due to the rapid acceleration of technology and the shifting landscape of work, the significance of training, dedication, and teamwork has never been more pressing. According to a Gallup study, fully engaged teams showed 23 percent greater profitability than those who weren’t. So, how can organizations effectively instill these principles for success?

What does it take to master the art of perseverance, develop effective teams, and turn setbacks into stepping stones for greater achievements?

For this week’s episode of Icom, the company’s senior manager, Jon Paul Beauchamp, recapped APCO 2023 and highlighted pilot and author Amelia Rose Earhart, the event’s keynote speaker for the luncheon. Earhart shared her journey from the cockpit to the stage and her lessons in aviation. She emphasized why training, dedication, and the ability to adapt are crucial in both the aviation world and the professional landscape.

During her keynote speech Earhart discussed:

  • Her struggle to acquire essential training and how it significantly impacted her professional life.
  • Facing criticism for not flying solo around the world and how teamwork enhanced her personal achievements, even within an industry that often celebrates individual accomplishments.
  • How she navigated her life’s most turbulent moments, teaching the audience to see setbacks not as obstacles but as opportunities for growth and clarification of purpose.

Amelia Rose Earhart is a renowned keynote speaker with a fascinating journey that ties into the world of flying. Her lessons in aviation have shaped her journey a lot. Inspired by her namesake, Amelia Earhart, she has not only flown a single-engine aircraft around the world but also actively speaks on themes of persistence, leadership, and teamwork. Her insights come from the aviation industry but resonate with professionals from all walks of life.

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