For an industry so driven by the technical aspect, Pro AV benefits most from the human component. This is why it’s so important to get people, especially students, excited and interested in Pro AV, something that our guest today has noticed as a consistent struggle in the industry. On today’s podcast, our host spoke with Nyere Hollingsworth, the Director of Audio/Visual Services for The Advisory Board Co. “Going forward, we’re going to have to get better at recruiting the kids out of high school and kids in college and making this a viable first choice career, as opposed to something that most of us fell into,” Hollingsworth said.

They discussed the necessity of people skills in balancing the IT and AV aspects of projects, how international relations prepared Nyere for his career in Pro/AV, and how falling prices in technology can spur on the next wave of innovators in the industry. “Computers do exactly what you tell them to do; it’s the people that have to spend money on the computers, and manage the computers, and operate the computers, and things of that nature, that’s where the real “problem” lies,” Hollingsworth said. “A lot of what I do is actually not very technical, in the strict sense of the word, but more diplomatic and, you know, all of those soft skills that play into that.”

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