When an AV installation is done right, it can transform a space. When it is done poorly it also transforms a space, but in an unfortunate way. Failure is a part of any industry, but within A/V, errors are glaring.

From simple mechanical failure to some head-scratching design decisions, we have all seen some installations that just were not right.

Today we look at some of AV’s most interesting end products. You be the judge!

I can’t lie, this is pretty creative

Do you think they’re watching The Walking Dead? 

I just want to know who thought this was a good idea

This is why you hire professionals

You would think a technology store would be better at displays

This is a piece of art….just not a good one….

Who looks at the flight boards anyway?

I’m 110% sure that this is not going to work.

That’s not what we meant by “tele”-conference….

If you stumble upon any AV Nightmares please submit them to us through the hashtag #msAVnightmares!

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