AV Nightmares: September

The AV industry can be a place of perfection. Even the slightest error can throw off an entire project. One unlit pixel, one loose bezel, or even a visible cable can make an installation unprofessional.

Sometimes though, the errors are so egregious that they keep things in perspective. We highlight these mishaps in our AV Nightmares series. Today, take a look at some of the latest and greatest slip ups from the AV industry.

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The college basketball season is fast approaching, but not everyone is ready. While undergoing routine maintenance this week, the scoreboard at George Washington University’s Charles E. Smith Center collapsed to the floor, according to the university.

CBS Sports reports that nobody was injured during the fall, and it remains unclear how much damage was caused to both the jumbo-tron and the court in the process. According to the same report, the arena was renovated in 2011, including the scoreboard, for a total cost of $43 million.

The United States Women’s National Basketball Team used the court for a game on Sunday, just one day before it fell to the floor.

The university released the following tweet regarding the incident:

Recently, another public space had AV troubles. The Gatwick International Airport outside of London, UK, suffered from an issue that knocked out flight information displays. Staff had to revert to the old fashioned way of communicating updates, using a marker and  whiteboard.

This tactic has been used before in Jacksonville, Fla.

Sometimes leveling a screen is harder than it looks.

Cables can look like a work of art, but it is not a good sign when they look like an abstract paint splatter.

You can’t even call this a fail, you just have to be impressed!

Not sure what the blueprint for this installation looked like but it certainly was not this.

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