AVIXA’s Women’s Council began five years ago, and even from its inception, entered the Pro AV industry with overwhelming support. Well-beyond the bare minimum of 25 AVIXA members went to the organization with an idea for a group that would elevate, educate and connect women with opportunities in the industry. Three years later in 2016, the Women’s Council took the next step; two volunteers within the organization pitched the idea of local Women’s Council groups, formed in order to reach Pro AV women and supporters of women, beyond just the yearly InfoComm conference and Women’s Council Breakfast. The idea, once again, was met with resounding enthusiasm, and after an inspiring call to action during InfoComm 2018, the number of local councils has doubled in under three months.

The most recent local group to join the ranks is the Orlando Group; joining us on the Pro AV podcast to explain their inspiration for starting the group is Alison Maxson, senior manager of marketing and communications for Absen, and Ashley Dorst, marketing associate for Evolve Media Group.

“How do we continue these conversations? The best source to do that is to start generating city or regional groups,” Maxson said.

They explain why Orlando, with its numerous and ever-growing tourist destinations, is the ideal place for diversity in Pro AV, and some of the more timely progress and challenges women are facing in the industry.

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