The Best of ISE 2019: Digital Done Easy

Nobody can stop by every booth at ISE, and with the premier companies in the industry all in attendance it can be hard for attendees to distribute their time. MarketScale made the rounds throughout the show to highlight some of the most impressive products those on the ground might have missed.

Aavara Innovation Corp.

This Taiwan-based company has become a staple at ISE over the last decade and it shined again at this year’s show. Aavara’s core product on display this week was its 4K Over IP Matrix PB9000. MarketScale got a firsthand look at what the solution does for residential and commercial needs.


One of the biggest names in the in the industry did not disappoint. LG’s massive curved screen had to be seen to be believed and had crowds gathered all week. In a time when digital signage is becoming more popular for businesses, LG showed it can still grab people’s eyes with ease.


The audio side of Pro AV might not capture the attention of onlookers, but for Sonance that is exactly the point. This San Clemente, California-based speaker provider prides itself on making a product that fits seamlessly into an environment whether that is indoor or outside. A company representative told MarketScale that comfortability is top of mind when it comes to Sonance’s product design and these speakers certainly fit that description.


As devices become more connected, software has become a critical part of the AV world. D-Tools’ software integration system streamlines numerous processes for AV integrators to remove human error and provide total transparency on projects.

Williams AV

Pro-AV applications in the office environment have steadily increased in recent years and Williams AV is providing solutions that may put it at the forefront of this emerging market. Its Audio Presenter Hub for conference rooms was on display at ISE this week.

We will have much more ISE content coming out this week, including videos from outside the convention center walls. Make sure to take in Amsterdam with MarketScale!

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