Brand Candy: How to Boost Your Image with Digital Signage

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In an increasingly digital world, taking hold of a consumer’s attention span is difficult. Companies must innovate to make sure they are still getting their message across, and research suggests digital signage is a promising way forward. Digital video signs are 34% more effective than static signs at getting noticed and delivering content. A recent poll by consumer research and consulting firm OTX found 63% of adults say digital signage “catches their attention” more than any other media. It easily accommodates a wide range of applications, particularly in urban settings. Businesses in nearly every industry have already begun integrating LED displays into their spaces.

However, leveraging the benefits of video signage isn’t as simple as sticking up some panels and calling it a day. Choosing the right provider can mean the difference between a smooth process and a costly series of frustrations. To get the most bang for your hard-earned buck, here are some tips to bear in mind. 

Expertise Matters

Integrating a beautiful, eye-catching LED display into your business requires planning and forethought. The technology is continually changing and evolving, with today’s systems often featuring non-rectangular or curved displays and ultra-fine pixel pitches. Because these systems are becoming increasingly more complicated and sophisticated, it is important to partner with a company with a history of staying ahead of the technological curve.

Another key consideration is whether your provider will deliver a complete solution. While there are many manufacturers on the market today, only an elite few understand every part of the process. Those with expertise in just one area may leave you to cobble together a solution from multiple vendors, which can mean troubleshooting woes and compatibility concerns later on.

D3 develops technology at every level, including its own control software and display hardware. This vertical integration is key to its client success. Brad Chappell, director of AV systems integration at PlayNetwork, says “D3 is technology driven. They have a great team that truly understands what is going on in the industry.” 

The Right Tool for the Job

Consider the application LED tech will be used for. Do you require ultra-high-definition screens for close-up indoor viewing or are you looking to recreate the “wow” effect of Times Square? These call for different set-ups. A good place to start is pixel pitch. This refers to the distance between diodes. The finer the pixel pitch, the more pixels available in the display, which sharpens the overall picture and makes closer viewing possible. However, a finer pixel pitch might be a wasted investment for a huge billboard seen from far away.

You may also wish to consider a display’s form factor. Simple flat rectangles certainly have their place in the marketplace, but LED technology offers more intriguing possibilities. These days, you can have a screen of nearly any shape wrap just about any concave or convex surface. If you’re aiming for something truly unique and memorable, be sure your provider is up to the task.

You may also wish for the display components to be easily accessible so that, should anything go wrong, knowledgeable staff technicians can promptly address it. A total service provider will naturally be better equipped to service their own products down the road, since they control every aspect from design to manufacturing to deployment. 

Vision Accomplished

D3 is proud to be the first choice of Fortune 500s and international corporations who demand a capable, flexible, total solution provider. We have delivered stunning projects for industry leaders all around the world, spanning a wide range of environments and applications. We’ve also become the go-to solutions partner for many talented integration and design companies.

Lee Summers, CEO of Reflect Systems, praised D3 for helping to turn his company’s aspirations into a reality. “What D3 does is apply their engineering, their background, and their experience from the technology standpoint and bring that vision to life,” he said.

D3 is, simply put, your one-stop shop for complete LED solutions. We design, manufacture, install and service everything to your needs and specifications. If you’re ready to turn heads and drop jaws, let’s talk. More at



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