BrightSign to Preview Latest Series 4 Players at ISE 2018

BrightSign is preparing to preview the latest from its line of Series 4 Players at Integrative Systems Europe (ISE), the globe’s biggest trade show for professional AV. At ISE Booth 8G-240, guests can explore the BrightSign XD4 and XT4, which builds off of the award-winning design of the Series 3 Players.
The Series 4 will expand support to Dolby Vision and HDR10+ while maintaining support for PoE+ in the XT line. The XT1144 will support HDMI in for live TV via HDMI cable or streaming, and all of the latest designs will feature BrightSign’s iconic streamlined, industrial aesthetic design.
Q2 of 2018 will see the release of replacements for both the XT and XD Series 3 players, so visitors to ISE 2018 will be the among the first to see the players in action. The BrightSign booth will also display BrightSign DSM (digital signage module) for integrated solutions, as well as a variety of displays from AVNU, Outform, and Industrial Image. Further demonstrations will include 4K HDR10+, Dolby Vision decoding, BrightAuthor, and more. Booth 8G-240 will be packed with exciting new developments—a high point of any ISE experience.

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