Create the Ultimate Experience at Entertainment Venues with Digital Signage

Entertainment venues are very visual and today’s modern consumer expects an experience. Digital signage has made educational, informative, and promotional content more compelling and engaging than ever before. In fact, digital signage provides venues with a unique opportunity to initiate content saturation before, during, and after a visit. With attendees confined within a specific area, organizers can capitalize on these captive audiences by employing strategic messaging to benefit their respective businesses from door-opening to door-closing.

How to use digital signage in your venue

Depending on the type of event, there are many applications for digital signage in the entertainment sector. Here are some ideas:

Inform visitors of upcoming events
One of the best ways to use digital signage at a venue is to promote upcoming events. This sparks interest, making guests eager to return. When deciding what content to show and what events to promote, do so strategically. If the current event is something family-friendly, then plug upcoming kid-themed events. Use exciting, creative content with movement and animation to capture eye traffic. And offering discount codes to buy tickets from their smartphones can encourage immediate sales.

Post user-generated content
Engage your crowd with digital signage by launching a social media campaign for user-generated content. Encourage attendees to post highlights of their experiences using a specific hashtag. Once the venue manager vets the content, it can be streamed to your signage—not only does this promote the dynamics of your venue, but fans today love social recognition. And social media followers unable to attend are sure to feel they have missed out on something special, and are more likely to attend the next game or performance.

Display safety and other helpful messages
Digital signage is a great way to inform guests of rules and safety precautions. With any robust digital signage platform, you can schedule messaging or make live updates as needed. Include information like where to find bathrooms or point out evacuation paths in case of fire. Pre-show, signs can relay seating charts or countdowns to when an event starts. Post-show, assist fans with finding the nearest exit and offer real-time information related to traffic. Should an emergency occur, turn to signage to disperse important messages to keep guests safe.

Reduce perceived wait time
It’s been proven that using digital signage to engage a captive queue makes those in line believe their wait was shorter than it actually is. A study found that signage can reduce the perceived wait time at checkout by as much as 35%.1 Take advantage of a waiting line by promoting upcoming events and purchase add-ons, or if applicable, advise where self-service kiosks are located that may speed up processes. Waiting guests will be less annoyed if distracted with absorbing content, and it provides an opportunity to garner additional purchases as well.

Partner with the Reflect team

Reflect offers a full-service approach to helping entertainment venues leverage the power of digital signage to create more engaging experiences for their customers. Our solutions include integration and network design, as well as content creation, management, and support. Connect with us today to elevate your venue to an unforgettable fan experience.


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