Creating a Broadcast Standard for eSports

For years Pro AV applications have enhanced the sports world. From video boards to auditory cues, the atmosphere within arenas has changed markedly as technology has become more ubiquitous.

More recently, it is esports that Pro AV is finding to be a new frontier. Competitive gaming has exploded in the last few years, and as audiences grow, more immersive and sensational environments are being built around gamers.

At InfoComm 2019 in Orlando, Fla. last week, the latest enhancements to the gaming experience were on full display.

Stephen Milley, Group Manager, Business Development at Panasonic Systems Solutions spoke about this surge of interest in esports.

What the Growth Of the eSports Market Means


“What we would like to look at is the all in one encompassing solution. What you see here at InfoComm is our eSports demonstration. That is one example of a market, eSports, but for live events because eSports tournaments is just one element of eSports. There’s eSports broadcasts, eSports tournaments, all sorts of different types eSports arenas. We like to think we provide solutions whether its cameras whether its projectors whether it’s displays for the market.”

Mapping the Delivery of eSports Broadcasts


“We like to think of it as, it’s not strictly the image picture or resolution but also what the delivery is going to be like. In eSports theres broadcasts whether its Twitch or Major League Gaming Network, but they all have different needs. What we look at with our technology is not just the acquisition but how do we get that signal for the broadcast, what’s coming out of the camera? Is there an IP workflow?

“With all of our technology it all incorporates that. What we do that is particularly unique is have all of it built in, it is not an add on piece that you have to add in separately.”

Defining the 3 Elements of Cameras in eSports Presentations


“eSports particularly the tournament world is very much a POV type of application. So you have your professional gamer with their monitor, with their game, and a camera right on top of their monitor because people want to see not just them playing the game but their reactions to playing the game.”

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