At events like the recent San Diego Startup Week, it can be difficult for brands to make a lasting impact on attendees. On place that is integral to companies’ success at industry events is on the red carpet and at their exhibits.

Traditionally, ‘step and repeat’ walls have offered brand recognition for businesses but with today’s digital offerings, these backdrops do not create the eye-grab they once did.

Cox Business Solutions wanted to bring something more engaging to the event, so it called on Zuzor to help create a memorable experience out of something that would otherwise be stale.

Zuzor CEO & Founder and MarketScale Contributor Tammuz Dubnov provided a look at the collaboration between the companies.

Dubnov said Zuzor worked with MSI Productions, which provided the LED wall. The experiential element differentiated Cox from other exhibitors at the show and in particular was designed with a millennial and tech-savvy audience in mind.

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