Empower Seamless Connectivity and Collaboration with MIMO Myst Link

January 1, 2023


In today’s fast-paced and collaborative work environments, traditional conference room setups often fall short in empowering seamless connectivity, flexibility, and collaboration. However, the answer to this challenge has arrived with the introduction of the game-changing MIMO Mist Link—the first Ethernet-connected conference room display with HDMI capture. This sleek, durable, and reliable solution is set to transform the way we connect and collaborate.

Streamlined Connectivity Made Simple

The MIMO Mist Link revolutionizes conference room installations by connecting seamlessly over a single Ethernet cable. Say goodbye to expensive traditional installations, complex technical expertise, and the hassle of managing numerous cords, extenders, and hubs. This innovative solution offers unmatched flexibility, making it suitable for use anywhere. PCs recognize it as a regular display, maximizing space without adding complexity. With a touch display designed specifically for conferencing, featuring a multi-touch capacitive touchscreen, and integrated HDMI capture, the Mist Link boosts productivity and enhances collaboration.

Efficient CAT5e Connection and Power Management

One of the standout features of the Mist Link is its CAT5e connection to the main PC. This connection not only includes power but also eliminates the need for HDMI consumption. By complying with Microsoft and Zoom specifications, the Mist Link ensures seamless integration into popular conferencing platforms. Additionally, it supports low power modes with auto wakeup, providing energy efficiency without compromising performance.

Sleek Design and Versatile Mounting Options

With its high-end low-profile design, the Mist Link adds a touch of elegance to any conference room. It is engineered with enterprise-level reliability and undergoes rigorous testing to ensure exceptional performance from day one. The Mist Link offers both desktop and wall mounting options, allowing you to optimize space and create a visually appealing setup that enhances collaboration and productivity.

Reimagine Your Conference Room with Empowered Connection

The MIMO Mist Link opens up new possibilities for reimagining conference room setups. It empowers seamless connectivity, flexibility, and collaboration without the complexity and limitations of traditional installations. Whether you’re in a corporate office, educational institution, or any other professional setting, the Mist Link is the game-changing solution you’ve been waiting for.

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