Eric Light: Nevco’s Video Display Expert

Nevco is proud to be a leader in the customized sports video boards sector. We know that when you purchase a sports video board, you make a substantial investment in your organization. The undertaking of a video board project requires the involvement of several of your internal departments like athletics, administration, facilities, and IT so it’s important that the manufacturer you select has experience and expert knowledge. That’s why the experience and expertise of our staff are so valuable. Since 2010, Eric Light has been one of Nevco’s video display experts, consulting customers through the design and implementation of their entire display project.

Expert Knowledge of Video Displays and Control Room Solutions

Having first started his career as a sales trainer, Eric understands the importance of teaching and explaining complex concepts. His passion for learning is evident in the way he listens to clients’ visions; thoroughly explains video display and control room fundamentals; and provides innovative solutions. Whether you have a technical question regarding pixels and LEDs, or a sports marketing question regarding maximizing your sponsorship revenue, Eric is an expert in the industry and always willing to share what he knows.

Passion for Customer Success

As our Director of Sales in Sports Video, Eric is passionate about each customer having a successful experience with their Nevco video display. His in-depth knowledge of our products and services allows him to anticipate each client’s needs. He always recommends innovative solutions tailored to each customer’s unique vision and corresponding challenge. Our clients not only appreciate Eric’s unparalleled customer service, but they also acknowledge his outstanding professionalism.

“Eric has worked with University of North Florida’s athletic staff, myself included, since we installed our first indoor video board in 2015,” Lee Moon, the Director of Athletics at the University of North Florida said. “Eric listened to our vision and with his consultation, we were one of the first Division 1 basketball programs to have a center-hung, 6mm LED video display. This was an important project and statement to solidify our program as one of the best in our conference and state, and it would not have been possible without a partner like Eric and Nevco. Since this time, we’ve installed video displays in two other outdoor stadiums with Eric and will continue to enhance our athletic facilities with Nevco.”

A Joy to Work With

The only people who could appreciate Eric’s demeanor and knowledge as much as his clients are his colleagues. Each person on the Nevco team enjoys working side-by-side with him whether that’s our internal graphic design team, working on proof-of-concept renderings for one of his customers, or our engineering team working on electrical and mechanical drawings for an upcoming project about to install. As a permanent fixture on Nevco’s prestigious President’s Council, Eric continues to set the bar for each member of the team.

At Nevco, we know that our people make the difference. Eric is a perfect example of the experience, professionalism, and dedication that we represent.

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