Explore the Three Types of Digital Signage Content and Find the Right Fit for Your Space

Digital signage enables connections between consumers and brands. As technology improves, digital signage has found its way to a variety of locations, from retail stores to amusement parks. Wherever there is an opportunity to inform, help, direct, or engage, there’s a digital signage solution to fit that environment. But do you know what content is best for your digital signage?

There are three main types of digital signage content:

  • Passive content: images and videos that fit the space and include promotions, inspiration, and information
  • Dynamic content: localized, real-time content that changes based on the audience or location, like weather or news
  • Interactive content: engaging content that welcomes the user to be involved by interacting with the screen

Let’s look further at each type of content, its benefits, and where it’s most applicable.

Passive Content

Retail, hospitality, and dining use content like this to draw attention to different products and promote sales or special discounts. It catches the eye much sooner and holds attention for much longer than a traditional sign.

Choose this type of content to promote and inform your in-store customer. Be sure to make the content visually stunning and bright, too. This can have a positive effect on shoppers, making them feel happier and shop longer.

Dynamic Content

With dynamic content, it’s all about the localized, real-time experience, which can change depending on real-world conditions.

This content has benefits for audiences and brands. Audiences will appreciate seeing information that matters to them like the weather, sports scores, traffic updates, and more.

Brands love this type of content because of the flexibility of targeting very specific viewers based on the environment and the demographics of the consumers. Alternatively, content could be prompted by other conditions. If it’s raining, the signage may point you toward where to get an umbrella. It’s a great tool to have to enhance and personalize the customer experience.

Interactive Content

Interactive content is the ultimate level of engagement. When audiences interact with content, it becomes much more than something they looked at for a few seconds. It becomes a valuable guide to learn and plan.

You’ll often find this type of content in wayfinding signage. Because users can use their fingers to touch different parts of a map, they have a much better experience finding where they need to go.

Beyond wayfinding, there are numerous applications for interactive content. You may find it in a museum as a companion to an exhibit. Retailers can also use this type of content to inform shoppers helping them find the right product for their needs.

Digital signage content has expanded beyond simple advertising. It’s now part of the experience of every consumer. It’s not only important to have digital signage but to also create and display the most appropriate content for the space.

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