The Five Best Settings for Digital Signage

Consumers are bombarded by promotional offers promising everything from deep discounts to loyalty points. But static promotional signage can easily blend with the competition’s, failing to grab customers’ attention and drive sales.

Digital signage and interactive displays, on the other hand, are dynamic platforms for attracting eyeballs and influencing purchasing behavior. Digital media technologies can target consumers by time and location, better engaging shoppers and personalizing the experience.

Although digital signage can be seen everywhere we go, we will focus in on our top 5 settings for digital signage.


From key purchasing information to revolutionizing the checkout experience, digital signage is changing retail.


An early-adopter, hotels already rely on signs at concierge desks, in meeting rooms, lobby displays, and more!


The meeting room is never the same once a display is installed, making presentations and meetings memorable.


From staff communication and patient entertainment, nearly every room in a hospital can benefit from digital signage.


From instant replays to the concession and ticket stand, stadiums use signs of all sizes and host thousands of ads per event.


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